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Cube It NZ is Tauranga's self storage specialists providing an easy storage solution for their customers - portable self storage containers are delivered to your place, you pack them, then they're collected and stored at Cube It's Storage Facility in Taur

What is Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

Are you renting your storage for the first time? And get confused about the process and essentials to keep in mind? Don't worry whether you need to temporarily store belongings or want to store them for a long-term period.

Storage in Tauranga is secure, and their storage units are insurance, so it doesn't cause any problem in the future, which is essential for renting a storage unit. Things which you need to keep in mind before renting a storage unit:


  • Type of storage
  • Valid documentation
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Conclusion
  • Type of storage

The popular option of renting storage is self-storage and full-service storage; it includes your possession and filling the unit in full-service storage. You can also ask them to bring things back to you whenever you need them.

Self-storage is more cost-effective for those who want to transport their possessions in their vehicle; in case you don't have your transportation, and then full-service is better for you.

  • Valid documentation

Having valid documentation can make any process easy and stress-free; valid forms of ID can be anything like a driving license, passport, or anything like that.

Most of the storage unit facilities want to have something like an ID for the person to prove their identity if anything happens. You don't have to worry about your personal information as it is kept in the renter's file safe.

  • Affordable accommodation

The other significant aspect of renting a storage unit is the rent of that storage unit. It gives a rough idea of what kind of storage you can rent for storing the belongings. Storage in Tauranga is very much affordable; the storage unit's price depends upon the size of the area.

If you don't have that much stuff to store, then to save money, go for the tiny storage unit in which you can save a lot of money which you can further use on transportation and on many other things rather than just wasting it on extra space.

  • Conclusion

Renting a storage unit provides you the space to store your extra and essential things, keeping them safe and secure. Having a storage unit can help in holding the things to keep them safe, and these essentials will help you in making a better decision.

Tauranga's self-storage specialists

If you need a solution for a short- or long-term crisis, our cubeit help a range of personal or company needs. Among the houses? Maybe you need to get the car in the shed again, but you're trapped in stuff you don't use every day? Or are bins of accounts and company papers have taken up in a valuable office?


Here is a list of just a couple of the Cube uses:

● Retail goods and fixtures seasonal storage;
● Sports/activity systems seasonal backup
● Temporary storage, school supplies, and festivals for events;
● Temporary stockpiling for relocation to home or business;
● Failure to store;
● Plan restructuring or renovation;
● The do-it-up initiatives in progress;
● On-site logistics contractors / tradies.


Those of you who do not realize that self-storage concepts are rising every day, and more people want to store themselves. For years most of you have been puzzled about how much you purchased and why self  storage Tauranga is the most popular alternative right now, whatever the reason it is self-storage.



Self-storage in Tauranga

If you have several life activities and are searching for self-storage inspiration, you can find below the ideal excuse to take full advantage of this facility.

Other practical uses of self-storage in Tauranga are:


Exit From Space

One of the most straightforward and frequent explanations for auto-storage solutions is that people understand that there is no room in their homes, and a lack of space can become a challenge, but this doesn't mean you could get rid of items that you use every day.



Most people today need to abandon their old homes and move to new areas. In this case, you can use the self-storage service to store and handle all your assets.
The Self-storage Tauranga feature allows you to store all personal items without having to think about transferring it.



Self-storage Tauranga


Some people renovate their homes for many reasons; some just because the house has to be redone, and others just bored for years living in the same place and call for a change.


Whatever the reason, Tauranga is undoubtedly the best option available when people need room to store their stuff away.


Furnishings And Equipment In Season

People purchase certain goods that can only be used for a brief duration of the year, including lawnmowers. These items take up a lot of space without long periods and need self-storage.



Self storage Tauranga is a perfect way to handle our room by maintaining that these items are kept in a secure and secured environment.

House Storage Tauranga in New Zealand

Each one of our areas requires external storage Tauranga. No elevators, no escalators, no sweat. Indeed, much of our room is immediately accessible off the entrance, and you can drive your car or truck to your storage unit. 


A wide selection of storage units, ranging from a dollar a day locking to your mini-warehouse, so you can have the storage room to suit your needs and products regardless of what you have to store.


The facilities are also the closest centre to the CBD of Tauranga, offering stability, quality and comfort.  Vehicles, Cars, Trailer Cars, Houses, Busses opened storage”


Having a self storage in Tauranga has quick open storage. There are 76 free space for storage for trucks, vessels & trailer vessels or bigger sizing buses, R.V.'s and even busses. For this reason, we have 76 open storage rooms—fast connectivity to all regions, available 24 hours a day.



Each storage Tauranga facility has a rental locker of a cubic meter, suitable for students, for anyone who travels a lot or also for work travelers. Store your personal belongings in one place, or you can't remain still when living in a communal cabin. It is fast, with no time lock, no registration or exit charges, and we repay any new rent charged in advance during your holiday. Many of our lockers are valuable from just 1 dollar a day.


Were you aware that we were an authorized M.P.I. facility for the transition?

The Tauranga Port is a major international shipping port for container freight in and out of New Zealand.

New Zealand law requires inspection and clearance of all products coming from abroad according to stringent regulations. The Tauranga self-storage unit for import containers is an authorised M.P.I. (Ministry of primary industry). You should contact our facilities to schedule the disposal of the box at our local facility and communicate with one of our staff members.

Additional Protection Features:

● Supervision and control of electric fences 24 hours a day across the entire Tauranga property.

● Many tracking cameras for C.C.T.V. in the 24/7 building.

Access to the pin code managed Tauranga storage facility.

● Protection light in the middle


Prices For Fair Go Storage:


We assume that without any secret payment or surprise payments or storage charges, you can pay the service. Our fair pricing ensures that all of our consumers pay the rental of the warehouse and have the necessary and appropriate principles of payment:

  • No surcharge on credit card charges
  • When you move out, we refund all of your new rent.
  • No administrative, cleaning or other undisclosed fees.
  • No security bonds or deposit on movement-in required.
  • Return to the free trailer

Why Do You Want Storage in Tauranga?

Of course, it is mandatory tocontact the cleanest and best-coordinated warehouse in the city.


● You have 24 hours a day, seven days a week (subject to availability) on the storage facilities.

Access for multiple units to drive up.

● To transport your products at no extra cost, use our pallet trucks.

● Using our free trolleys: floor bed, refrigerator and mattress as long as you unpack.

● For your products, we provide inexpensive storage protection.

● Tea & coffee are complimentary.

● You are free to use our Wireless Hotspot.

Papamoa launderette and self-storage Tauranga

Do you need space to store your furniture? Do you want to make sure all your belongings are safe while you are away? Do you need a commercial laundry service or self-service laundry facility? Your best option is self-storage Tauranga that can provide you with safe and reliable storage.


They have self- storage units and furniture grade containers available for short term and long-term leases.

Whether you have bulky, heavy furniture to store or smaller items and documents, they have units of all sizes to suit your storage needs.

The importance of Papamoa launderette and self-storage Tauranga:

Papamoa launderette offers an easy hassle-free service that you can expect from them. Now you don’t need to worry about your laundry or items as they all taken care of.

About Storage:

Their storage units start with $10 per week and have a high-security gate that customers can hire and have their code. Just to ensure all your goods are safe and secure with self-storage Tauranga.


About commercial laundry:

You will be happy to know that commercial laundry is their specialty and here are the services you will find helpful including,

  • Laundering of customers own linen
  • Ironing of jackets and aprons
  • Folding
  • Pressing of tablecloths
  • Specialized wash programs
  • Pickup and delivery services

About Self-service laundry:

If you don’t have the time to do your washing and drying then this self-storage Tauranga service is perfect for you. You will get to see the hottest dryers in town and you get more for your buck.

Their machines can handle all kinds of household laundry such as,

  • Sleeping bags
  • Sheepskins
  • Bedding sheets, duvets, blankets, continental quilts
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Clothes 


These facilities are ideal for parents who don’t get time for doing their kids' laundry and that way they can professionally keep all their storage.